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A network prepared to address challenges in multiple cultures and businesses

Throughout our history path we have built solid relationships with global companies with whom we were able to share experiences and a common vision about how to measure and develop talent. We are proud of being able to count with a variety of tools, frameworks and programs, to respond with the best methodology to the different needs of our clients.

The Creating We Institute (CWI) is a global international thought leadership community dedicated to fostering WE-centric practices.

Headquartered in New York and leaded by Judith Glaser, who is co-founder and chairman of the Creating WE Institute and founder and chief executive officer of Benchmark Communications, Inc. She is business executive, academic and organizational anthropologist and the author of seven business books, such as Creating We, The DNA of Leadership and her newest best seller “Conversational Intelligence” between others.

She usually works closely with Organizations identifying the DNA of the culture and promoting transformation towards a “We- Centric” leadership approach shaping a leadership’s roadmap, from where to build the capacity to orchestrate and execute successful strategies through a shared vision.

From a Neuroscience approach, Judith Glaser presents a framework for learning which kinds of conversations trigger higher-level interactions involving trust and empathy and how to boost the (C-IQ) being able to express our inner thoughts and feelings, developing a work environment that enables transparency, understanding and enhances the quality of the relationships, to get unexpected results.

ExperiencePoint is an award-winning training company that develops innovation and change management workshops that are transforming the way people learn, manage change and solve complex problems. Built on established theory but grounded in realistic business problems, the simulation experiences challenge people to roll up their sleeves, stretch outside their comfort zones, and build confidence and commitment to make an impact. This successful, top level Canadian firm based in Toronto, generates and boosts value and impact in Organizations. EP has developed realistic simulations such as “Experience Change” and “Experience Innovation”, which definitively provides a new and dynamic, shared learning experiences. As innovation and change experts, every year, we help people across several continents flex their creativity and turn theory into action.

They contribute with the Fortune 100 and the world’s leading business schools.

A platform focused in providing innovative solutions for Talent Management and development through virtual tools of proven results. The capacity to develop technological environments and ability to understand multiple demands and challenges of the actual business context, ensures quality and soundness, with a high level of personalization and optimizing resources.